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Dec 24, 2003
Hi all, I thought that it might help to mention something that I think surpases all others in leather rejuvention and restoration as well as leather cleaning. The products are called Leatherique Oil and Leatherique Pristine Clean. I have never had better results on leather with any other product, ever. I have used Leatherique for almost fifteen years on leather on cars as old as 1958 with original leather. The original leather in my 1968 car is clearly in better shape than the leather in my 'new' 1997 FZJ80! I have had the car for fourteen years now and have used only leatherique on it. This product is engineered to penetrate the leather, provide it with all the 'nutrients' to turn it soft and supple, and then clean it without leaving residues. They also make wonderful custom matched dyes and repair products. I am not affiliated with them in any way I just think they make the absolute best leather care system. They are also the exclusive product endorsed by Mercedes Benz Club of America as well as several other car clubs. Amazing stuff, I plan to use it on the cruiser and see how well it works. If anyone wants to know more about this, feel free to ask; I'd just rather not write novels here until I think someone is interested. You can also know more by looking at www.leatherique.com . Hope this helps. :beer: and smooth, soft leather for all!!!


The Impaler
Feb 7, 2002
Woodstock, GA
"Lotion" in a topic seems just wrong to me :flipoff2:

Seriously though...good advice to keep those leather butt housings lubed up so they stay pretty and you don't get bitter and post pictures about cheap leather in 70K trucks. ;)
Sep 2, 2003
I have also used leatherique on my LC. It is a wonderful product. It is NOT a product to fix your crack or rips, but rejuvenating your old, stiff leather. Any other product such as Mcguires, Ximol, and other leather cleaner/conditioner only works on the thin surface layer of leather, but this Leatherique really works the leather itself to loosen dirt, moisturize, and condition hard old leather.
Check it out


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