Learning new lessons -Disabled the engine

Discussion in '95-older Toyota Truck Tech' started by Romer, Jul 4, 2005.

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    Put a CB into the 4runner today and used the 12V from one of the spare power outlets. I spliced into the back of one. Tested the CB and it works fine. Got into start it and it would crank and no start. The remote controls didn't work anymore. Everything esle worked.

    Friend came over and figured out the EFI fuse was blown. This disables the vehicle for some reason. Replaced the fuse and it started right up.

    I felt stupid because I checked all the Fuses I THOUGHT were involved with what I touched.

    So - If your rig won't start and your remote won't do anything, Replace the EFI 20AMP (yellow) fuse under the hood.
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