Leaky Header Gasket

May 7, 2003
I have '77F J40 with headers on it (4 to 1)but I keep getting a leaky manifold gasket. Is there something I can do to solve this? How about those kevlar gaskets from SOR? Im thinking of getting a different set of headers. Any suggestions?
Feb 1, 2002
Indianapolis, Indiana
Take a good look at the flange thickness of the header. Compare that to the intake manifold at the stud/bolt mount ears. Some aftermarket headers are thinner and will NEVER seal properly.

I have been using SOR's kevlar gaskets for years. I like em, some don't. Double them up and you'll get better results. Many use copper header/manifold sealer. Similar to gasket maker (silicone) but with high heat copper content.

If you decide to replace the header, be sure to consider the SOR 2 piece unit. They have a bolt on exhaust system that mates to it. I am not affiliated with anybody, hehehehe, just happen to like that header.

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