Leaking rear hard brake line: what's the damage? ($$)

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Apr 13, 2016
Phoenix, AZ
Hey folks,

I recently had my truck sandblasted and undercoated to combat corrosion (pics coming!)

During the process one of the lines coming from LSPV to rear was damaged. I'd like to get it fixed in a hurry because I'm moving next weekend and need my truck but I've got no clue what it costs. Any guesses?

I've seen a few threads on replacing hard lines and it doesn't seem too bad. I just don't want to get too optimistic before I walk in the dealer. Thanks in advance for any replies.

-- Beej
Go to napa or dealer or junk yard
Easy to change just get 10mm flare wrench then bleed all again
I think they would be easy to change except the fittings are probably rusted and terrible. But, good to know it's a straightforward job otherwise.
I just replaced all my lines to the LSPV and the LSPV itself. New lines from Toyota are not that expensive. Making your own lines is also a good option. If you make your own these tube nuts are identical to the original Toyota ones (as far as I can tell):

The tube nuts that connect to the ABS pump are slightly different.

Also, copper nickel brake line is much easier to work with than steel brake line.
@landtank Great plan!
Any tips on the heating bit? Heat it for 10 seconds? Heat till red hot? Wait/don't wait till it's cold to turn in out?
Try it with no heat at first but don't go all Magilla on either . It usually doesn't take much heat to get them to break free . So start with like 20 seconds and go from there. And brake fluid canignite also .Incase some is leaking out.
@Landseer Were you able to find a good source for part numbers? Parts fiches around the web seem to have LSPV and lines completely separate and the lines may ALSO not be in the same shape as the pic. If you've got some info, great. If not, I'll head over to the parts counter at Toyota with a few pics. Thanks.
The 6 point wrench matters, else you round off the head of the tube nut. If you do round it off use a vice grip and heat and PB blaster.
All of mine came out but they took about 5 mins each. Patience is key.
what lines do you need? There are two that run forward along the frame. One ties into the front system and the other is the rear line. Then a third on comes out of the LSPV and runs over to the drop to the axle.
The third one. I went to the dealer and bought #47325-60111.

I think this I the correct one but again, tough to tell from the diagram.

I may actually need one of the ones that runs to the front too. We shall see!

Thank goodness they're relatively cheap ( $14-$30)
They make a wrench with a small opening for the brake line that gets better purchase on the head. Getting one is recommended as the head is pretty easy to strip (I've even stripped a stubborn one with the correct wrench). The lines I got from Toyota, if you don't have it in hand yet, came with new fittings, so you just need to swap out and bleed the brakes.

This is the line you need? LSPV to rear frame-axle hose.
Same for 93-97
Crap! That's exactly the one I need and the part number I wrote is 1 off from that. That's what's on my receipt though! Well, it'll be in tomorrow. I guess I'll find out if it's wrong then.
I didn't even notice the difference in numbers. Most likely will be the same line. The first 5 are what really matter, 47325.
SUCCESS!!! :clap::clap::clap:

The heat and a pair of vice grips got the job done. The sound it made when the threads broke loose was the sweetest symphony of triumph. :bounce2::bounce:

Truck will be back on the road in no time. Thanks to all who assisted! You guys are :cool:
FYI, that hard line pictured above when I replaced mine days before CDan retired this spring he indicated he was shipping me the 2nd to the last one in the country. Not sure if that means the supply has dried up? Of we are just waiting for another slow boat from Japan.
I ordered most of my hardline from Beno. For the 2 hardlines from the front of the truck to the LSPV I made my own lines as the Toyota lines were too long for Beno to ship (the part #s for the 2 long lines are 47362-60051 and 47324-60211) Beno did send me the line from the LSPV to rear axle so I'm guessing its still available? According to Beno the line from the ABS pump to the front right wheel that routes along the top of the firewall has been discontinued and is unavailable.
My toyota parts guy just told me these are discontinued,.,.about to get to the bottom of this in
My lines just developed a leak yesterday and must remedy quick

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