Leaking Injector Pump

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Mar 23, 2008
Medicine Hat, Alberta
Hey Folks: Need a little help here regarding my '85 3B injector pump... Took the rig for a drive , came home,, found diesel dripping from the underside of the injector pump.. I do believe that it is a rotory pump as the injector outlets are all on the bottom back towards the firewall,,, Iam I correct??, is there a seal or gasket that may be leaking, on top of the pump are 4 allen headed bolts that appear to hold the top structure on the pump,,,???,, help:frown:
I just had a similar problem with my 2H injector pump where it was leaking. With the help of some of the guys here on the forum it turned out to be a leak at a couple of the outlets of the pump. I just tightened the fittings ever so slightly and that solved my leak. You can try that to start....
Good luck.
Thanks for the advice, gave it a try, but could not tighten the suspect bolts on the top any tighter then they were, still leaking, presumably from the body of the pump and not the injector outlets, seems to be originating from the bottom of one of the main bolt areas... greatly appreciated...
If you are using the new Ultra Low Sulpher Diesel, check any fittings that have rubber o-rings or gaskets - You might find they are leaking from the new fuels.
Thanks for the help,, somehow seems to have fixed itself, it did seem to be leaking near the throttle body spring located on top of the pump,, hasn't leaked for 3 days,,, gremlins... I'll keep an eye on it,, thanks for the replies....

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