leaking free wheeling hub?

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Apr 22, 2007
on the road
I'm having a slight leakage at my left free wheeling hub. Some people say this "sweating" is OK, but it never did that before. I think I can see a difference between the two [left and right] hubs i.e. there might be missing a seal on the outside between the last ring which is bolted on their [sorry, don't know the exact names for these].

From that, I feel the grease inside the bowl on the left is diminishing faster.

Can this be the case?
Or, your knuckle may be getting gear oil through a failed inner axle seal.

I have stripped threads in my hub, which cause my warn hubs to loosen, which then cause the hub seal to leak. You could just try tightening the bolts. But it's also possible you have a worn inner axle seal (or, in my case because I have the older ball and claw axle it's a bushing that's worn) that's leaking gear oil into your hub, diluting your grease. I find it's more of a problem if I drive with my hubs locked.
I will unbolt the outer ring, and make a handcut seal [because I think that one is missing], and than see what happens.
A little ultra black sealant won't hurt
I'm about 99% your inner axle seal is blown out and you're getting gear lube where it shouldn't be... Knuckle rebuild time bro...
You'll notice gear oil leakage around the bottom of the axle ball, past the steering knuckle seal, too, if you've blown the inner axle seal.

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