Leaking AT Fluid (powersteering fluid) steering box?

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Feb 2, 2011
South Texas
85 FJ60, 205k, no overhaul. Noticed a slight leak, thought it was the PS pump, but upon closer inspection, and much greater leaking, I see this below. Is this the steering box? It looks like the fitting for the hose is what is leaking.


This is looking in past the driver side (lhd) front wheel.

BTW, I run 35 12.50 17s. And have for about 3 months. I have had the truck for 4 months. Prior to that it had 33 10.50 15s.
first see if the fitting is tight.

If tight, I doubt it is the fitting that is leaking, but more likely it is the rubber hose that is attached above the fitting, and the fluid is dripping down onto the fitting. In either case, you would probably need to replace the hose. The one that comes from the pump is under high pressure and is the more likely to develop leaks.
is that the return or supply? My return transitions to a rubber hose and leaks (a very little) and could be misconstrued as leaking at the steering box if not attentive to the details.
Great. Should a come here first instead of pouring leak stop in there. Prolly broke it real good now.
I got mine rebuilt and now it leaks from where the fitting screw in. Are the fittings known for getting too compressed and not sealing correctly? i stuck washers in the holes and one has quite leaking but the other was not big enough and leaks a little. Before adding the washer both leaked a lot.
I hate to tell you this, but it's the 17" wheels that did this. Your Cruiser is expressing it's dislike of modern tire/wheel trends....:D

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