Leak lx 470 2000

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Aug 19, 2020
north carolina
Howdy, I’m sure this has been beat like a dead horse on here and I have read posts. Have a 2000 Lexus Lx470, has a sunroof leak and solved the issue. Other issue is water comes out on passenger side an leaks out from behind the panel on glove boxes right side. During a heavy rain it’s about a fist size amount.
With that the roof rack was taken off and placed back on. I just epoxed around the bolts as well.
I’ve checked the sunroof and had that problem previously. Water is coming from behind where I put the red circle.


I would pull the trim panel off that goes along the A-pillar and above the window (you'll need to unscrew both grab bars), then look for leaks along the windshield seal. Either do it while its raining, or spray with hose.
Personally, if I found the leak I'd just put a blob of silicone on it and call it done.
Completely worked an saw exactly where the leak was. And luckily it’s not the AC eVap, I’ve read about that issue and happy I do not have that for now. I just had issues during rain only.

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