LCAs - KDSS vs nonKDSS

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Jan 3, 2018
Republic MO
Looking pretty hard at pulling all my KDSS stuff and swapping in standard sway bars.
Obviously the LCAs have different part numbers. Wondering just how different they are.
Rock Auto has nonKDSS/4runner LCAs for $100-160ea. But with adjustable uppers in the budget, using my existing LCAs would be optimal.
I've been searching for relevant pics...not finding any real clarity...
Post any comparison pics you might have. I'll probably drop some in here as I continue researching.
I've found a few threads where people have deleted their KDSS, and just went swaybarless.
Not much about swapping in standard bars.
But from looking it over and looking under my truck, I think this mount hole confirms that it will work. LCAs should not be a factor.
If you want to gut KDSS, let me know. I may have a friend who could use some parts.

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