SOLD LC200 KINGS Suspension Golden, CO

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Jan 7, 2021
Golden, CO
I have a set of King 2.5 suspension for a 200 series for sale. Installed 4000 miles ago new. Front Coilers and rear Shocks for sale. Custom valid front and back, fronts are sitting on 650#x16in springs and rears have been revalved as well (flutter valve, etc). These do have adjusters front and back and have been nothing but amazing on the vehicle, I finally got them dialed in.

Only reason for selling is I'm moving to a set of custom radflos (high and low speed adjusters front and back). Absolutely nothing wrong with the Kings, Im just an idiot and looking to try something different. The Kings are currently on the vehicle and will be removed upon sale ( I have some tough dogs to throw on in the meantime). Im pretty sure Filthy and king are looking at 6 months or so wait at the moment. So if your itching for a nice set of lightly used kings here is a great opportunity. Im happy to ship, I still have the original boxes. hanging around.

2300 plus shipping. happy to throw in a set of tough dog rear springs if you need some. Will come with all appropriate hardware. Ill grab some more photos tomorrow.





More Photos... also shafts have been protected since they were installed with TT rear shock guards




33-35in 35 in would need a little work depending on your offset.

I run 34s with no issues at all.
Could you post some more pics of your rig with that setup, and what size are the tire/wheel you are running?

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