LC200 heavy Duty Sway Bars

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Oct 11, 2012
East Side, SaudiArabia
Fellow mudder's !

A friend of mine showed me a Chinese forum link which shows the installation of HD sway bars , made in AU. Has anybody experienced this product before? Any useful benefits for our lifted LCs? Appreciate all out tech elaboration ;)

Chinese link

AU manufacturer:
starnge so this is for the AHC control units? I thought that is the only 2 versions of the 200 either it has KDSS or its a AHC model??
Most of the GCC TLC's do not have KDSS. (its in the VXR models). If your ever in the UAE, either RAK or SHJ I can show the ARB/Ironman/Bilstein sway bars i use in the armored TLC's. The one thing to watch out for if you lift your TLC to high is the rear axle being off center. If you raise to high you will also need to look into a longer pan hard rod.
Thanks xkennx :)
Yes thanks again for the info; hey by the way do you armor the LX versions? I understand the blending in part of the vehicle; just curious what you do to that system for the extra weight to help the AHC. Thanks

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