LC Price when was brand new

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Apr 19, 2005
Comparing prices for used LC in Europe Vs North America, with friends, I'd like to know what was the price for a LC100.
I guess it should be quiet the same as french's (even if they have diesel engine)
I think the LC we looked at in 2000 with tow bar option and some other stuff was around 55k. My LX was 63k though if I remember correctly.
2004 LC with navigation, 18 inch wheels, roof rack, running boards and side airbags - purchase price in US $53K, list $59K. Paid by previous owner - I was able to get the numbers from paperwork
I can tell you prices in Spain... Much Higher... I saw the list price of a LC 100 last year and 200 this year fully loaded was in the €85-€100 Euro range full price dpending on year & options..... That is WAY higher and why I imported one from the US... A diesel in Spain ia way way more than a US GAS model.. not sure why that is.. taxes etc. or what other EU countries pay for these things.

The lower price & smaller prados are closer to the 100 series price range in the states.
Thanx guys,

Blake, here's the 2005 french's prices:
SW 4.7l V8 68150€
SW 4.2l TD VX 53300€
SW 4.2l TD VXV 61750€
SW 4.2l TD VXE 65000€
Euro VXE has the same option as US LX
OK I was just checking to see I was not crazy..

in Spin now..

LC 200 €89,100 V8 Gas €89,800 V8 diesel (at current FX rates that is 120K USD.)

LX Prado VX ETC... or US Lexus GX (Range from €36 - €53 in Spain) All these prices include TAXES / tags, etc.

At the time I moved to Spain I bought a US 2001 lx470 & imported... (I paid equivalent of €14,000 EUR at the time.... (FX rate was 1.6 now it is 1.35)

To shed some light on this, the reason older model LCs will never drop to low is that they export a ton of these out of th US and make a killing.

If anyone wonders why no one returns to the US with a Diesel LC from the EU.... now you know.
Yeah, right... all my euro prices include Tax

Importing 10-15 years old LC can be a good thing... not earlier... I'm seriously thinking of that (a clean '94 HDJ80 could be delivered in Canada for 10 to 15k$... my brother is still living in France... it's easier to find the best price, because there's not a lot
Paid $53K in USA for Model Year 2000 TLC.

6-Disk CD changer (no Navi)
3rd row bench seats, trailer hitch receiver, floor mats came with.

Funny stealer story: Agreed to the price over the phone. Drove to the stealership and met the salesman for a test drive. When done, he got his boss to "complete the deal."

Sales Manager said "I can't sell it for $53K. Have to write up the official contract to be $53,300."

We told him pound sand. That a verbal agreement IS a contract in the state of Massachusetts, unless you are buying Real Estate or adopting a child.

He said, "Maybe we can throw in a pinstripe to make you happy.....?" We laughed.

"No thanks, you can keep your $300 pinstripe and we'll use the money for gas."
.../... a verbal agreement IS a contract in the state of Massachusetts.../...
Good to know... that remind me how surprised I was when I asked the dealer (where I bought my LC in SF area) to print me something about the deal we just conclued...
He took his business card, his pen, and 2 minutes later, I got the smallest contract I ever had !
I pitted the tri-state area Toyota Dealers against each other and Bayridge Toyota in Brooklyn came in at 51.5 without running boards or roof racks, so I took it.
And... they replaced my rear blown diff gratis...

That went a long way with me, with an out of warranty truck.
We bought our '02 from the local Toy dealer used. It had been returned with 23K miles 1.5 years after the original sale. It has all of the options. We stole it for $36K, still under the original manufacturer's warranty. This was after we had them add a 14" wide screen and DVD player, with 4 wireless headphones added.

Originally had no intention of walking off with the truck, but could NOT walk away from that deal!


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