SOLD LC or LX470, ideally in Texas/South

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Vehicle Model
  1. 100 Series
  2. LX470
Hi everyone,

Looking for an LC/LX470 located in Texas or the South, ideally with its history in warmer climates (West/South), but still open to Northern rigs.

Yes, I have been scouring and active on CL, C&B, BAT, eBay, and this site, but wanted to post something as well just to express interest and see if anyone has a potential match in their possession.

Pretty open to varying prices points, years, types, colors, mileage, etc., but the priorities would be:
- Roughly between late 1990s to mid 2000s.
- Ownership history and records are important, with 1-2 owners being preferred.
- Looking for a reliable daily driver, not a project.
- Mid-range milage (call it ~150k-175k miles) but open to above and below that.
- Any exterior color, probably outside of red.
- Little/no rust but some issues are likely not a deal-breaker.
- Shipping and/or pick up (500+ miles / 8-10 hours from Central Texas) could work, TX/OK/LA/AR is ideal.
- Modifications/overland upgrades are fine, stock is preferred.
- Could be fine with a remote transaction.
- Cash, wire, etc. obviously - no finance.

Please feel free to PM me or respond here with anything you have in mind. Looking to pull the trigger on something in the next few weeks and hopefully sooner rather than later.

Thank you in advance, everyone - thankful for this community and all the advice and support everyone offers.
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