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Is that a five cylinder motor!!! :dunno: I missed that option. Volvo maybe?
The interior and engine are definately not Cruiser. That interior shot looks like a Toyota, but it is too small with not enough buttons and a completely different layout. And that engine... ???
The interior doesn't look like a cruiser to me, also their is the issue of the angle at which the shot is taken. You can see the reflection of the photographer in the side pannel, it looks as if the picture is taken from a downward angle, you would have to be pretty tall to take a picture of a cruiser interior from a downward angle, considering the seats are placed fairly high. Also, the engine is not a cruiser engine at all, there battery is in the wrong place, as is the air intake. Also, the hood is proped up, rather than having the little pneumatic lifts that keep the hoods on the 80's proped open.

I was sure it wasn't a Land Cruiser too, that is until I looked closer at the label on the engine (see below) :G

Must be some sort of 'Swede Edition' or something.

Seriously, I think the two misplaced pics are of a Volvo. 5 cylinder engine, and I recognize the door handles from my Momma's S60.
It's from an acura TL he is selling - check under "sellers other items". I especially liked the A4 on offer. Beauty.

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