Wanted Late FJ40/ FJ60 white steel wheels (15x6)..

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May 29, 2011
Lawrenceville, GA
United States
Hello all, I am finally getting around to starting my 1974 FJ40 restoration project and I don't even have a complete set of wheels! I am looking for a set of the original 15x6 white steel wheels. I know they are for later years but I really like the look and the extra half an inch width. Will gladly pay shipping, I am located in Georgia. Thank you..
I've got an extra set of 5, they will need paint. what zip code for shipping?
I have 4 chrome from an FJ60 in north Georgia. They are rusted a little & need to be redone anyway, so you could paint or powder them white Where in GA are you & how quick do you need them?
Hello 3_puppies. That's cool about the condition, have to re-do the truck anyway. I am at zip code 30043.
Hello gcrump01, Nice to meet someone else from GA on here. I am in Lawrenceville GA, and don't need them immediately. I have a lovely set of mismatched 3 factory steels with no caps, and I am assuming the 4th is a chevy rally wheel and no spare. I am trying to find the white ones but may go the chrome route. I appreciate the response very much.
3_puppies, I work for FedEx and have an account if that helps. How much were you thinking for the set?
I am very interested if we can work it out.
Stretch - I'm in Calhoun, GA. The chrome ones are currently on my rolling frame as I'm trying to get the engine & trans back in, then the body back on. Once that is done, I have another set of wheels I plan to use so these 4 will be available. Let me know if you don't get what you need from 3_puppies.


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