Last chance to sign up for sound measurement class

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Apr 9, 2002
Olympia, WA
Sorry I didn't see this sooner.

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is offering a free training on how to measure sound levels from off-road vehicles from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Saturday, April 18 at Straddleline ORV Park, 15015 State Route 8 West, McCleary.
Get your own ORV’s sound level measured and learn more about how law enforcement officers test for sound.
Class covers:
• Sound basics, including definitions, the human hearing mechanism, sound measurement, and comparative sound levels.
• Measuring procedures for motorcycles, cars, watercraft, snowmobiles, and property line sound checks.
• Off-road vehicles as a noise source including acoustical vanishing distance.
• Field sound equipment selection and use, including the sound meter, acoustical field calibrator, and tachometer; spark arrester and muffler inspection.
• And more!
Instructor is Chris Real, CLS, with DPS Technical Inc. (CHEMHELP - DPS)
Reservations: Space is limited, and reservations are required. Contact Heidi Stephens at or 360-902-1375.
That's was a good idea. I wonder if they are going to do it again this year. I'll look into it. I'm probably borderline; but compared to the Honda Civics with 9" pipes not so much.
Speaking of exhaust I was thinking of putting on some directional tips on the end of the pipes. I keep FJ in one of those Costco Canvas carports and my exhaust spatter is starting to show. I'm not sure where they measure the decible level from but it would probably help. :hmm:
wonder what they do if your item you have tested fails. hand you a big fat fine right then and there?
Gotcha!!! I know I thought of that too.

I talked to Heidi today. She said they did it for the last few years and a pretty good turn out. Due to budget crunch they couldn't afford it this year. Like FJ60 said it was maily for bikes and ATVs. They had DNR officers, Honda, Yakima trail guys, and other user groups there to show different things.

She said Straddeline has the decible meter and offers the service on site. I drive down there a lot so I'll swing in and see if there is a fee. :steer:

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