Last Chance Cyn.

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Where is this and what is the trail like?
Haven't had a chance to talk to Herman yet, but I've had quite a few people asking about the trip, and about half a dozen noobs sign up, so I had to come up with some kind of a tentative.

Tentative for now is to meet at Denny's, Roxford street off of I-5 at 7AM Saturday.

Ron, is this run similiar to the last one that Matt(Ammo) got severe damage in?
No, I don't think so, I don't think I have done this particular trail. The areas I have been out there, had no risk of body damage.

Maybe Mark will chime in with a more info on the trail and vehicle reqs.
Biff said:
Ron, is this run similiar to the last one that Matt(Ammo) got severe damage in?

Aww come on Victor, just do it!!! Beating things back into submission is what big hammers are for!!!
If we get to run the trails that I am planning on running, there is virtually no chance of body damage. There are quite a few off camber sections, but not too bad, a couple of challenging 'shortcuts' and a few 'detours' that are quite challenging, if you are game.

Parts of the trail haven't changed in years; other parts change EVERY YEAR. That's all part of the adventure.;)

Remember, I'm still SUA on 33's, with full sheetmetal, so it couldn't be THAT HARD!;p
NO RAIN, NO RAIN, NO RAIN!!!!Get it. who is going i'v been working on 55 all week h41 in 3speed t-case in.she will be a rolling on down the hyw and out of town. can't wait this will be a great run for all. the summer is comming and will be to to hot soon.see you there.
john i cant wait .... that h41 is going to be sexxy you will see. I F***ing amped.
calicokid goes un american .............h41 trans that is. all time low in pigs life and shes happy,very happy who else will be staying over night gana be a good trip 3rd this month i'v not been to last chance but have wanted to for a long time
is anyone staying overnight? I was not planing up it but maybe?

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