Larry are you alive...?

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Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated.

I am still alive although some days it does not really feel like it. My new position puts me in Fort Mac 90% of the time. All we do are shutdowns for Suncor so usually a spring and fall event lasting 3 to 4 months each with some time in between, but because I work in the office, it is really a full time job for me because I have to work on wrapping up the finances of the shutdown that just ended as well as start preparing for the next shutdown.

When we are in the shutdown window I typically work 11&3 so 11 days of work and 3 days off. I have been working this schedule since August and my last 11&3 will end Nov 30th and then I will go to an 8&6 for a while, which is much better, but it runs Wed to Wed so I still can't make it out to any meetings.

I've been living in camp since I started there and so I can't really do anything cruiser related at all and haven't logged in here for quite a while. Hopefully, I will be in town next year and can bring one of my projects up to tinker on in the evenings.

I also bought myself an acreage a year and a half ago and as usual, it is a fixer upper so I have been working on making the house more livable, but that takes sooooo long because I don't have much time to work on it. I also moved this past summer (not to the acreage, just in Edmonton) so things are still in a disarray from that as well.

I see the winter event is going to be in Fort Mac so I will be there. Even if it ends up on a weekend I'm scheduled to work, I can just take those days off.
Woah, sounds busy! Good to hear an update from you!
only a small part of me thought you were dead.... that part was also super interested in the fj45..... but like I said it was a small part!

Glad to hear from you. hope we get to catch up., We'll move meeting if we needto.

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