Largest tyre size to fit in standard spare location? (1 Viewer)

Nov 11, 2019
Perth, Western Australia
As the title suggests, whats the largest tyre size anyone has managed to fit in the standard spare location? I've currently got 285/70/R17 which is a 33' (32.7' to be priceise). I am looking at trying to sneak a slightly larger tyre on, but don't have a rear bar to store the spare if it doesn't fit under. Currently looking at a 315/70/R17 or 34' (aka 34.4')... Thoughts?
Apr 9, 2007
Marietta, GA
The mob will say "SEARCH IS YOUR FRIEND". I partially agree because it's MUD and everyone and their dog has chimed in on this subject, but new info can be hard to find sometimes.

Bottom line is it's not that straight forward. Obviously same-sized tires from different brands can differ greatly.

Read the link from my thread, I fit my 285/70/18 under the truck but I had to remove the hitch receiver: Spare Tire Mounting

- Where the charcoal canister is located if you don't want your back end looking like a full diaper.
- If you have an aftermarket hitch receiver which subtracts a fair mount of usable space where the spare is mounted.

The tire measured is listed at 34.1" online, my measurement was slightly smaller at 33.8".

I will say I really don't think I could fit anything larger as the tire nearly rubs my rear panhard bar.

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