For Sale Large medical jump bag/recovery gear bag

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May 31, 2010
United States
I have a old medical jump bag that i used as a LARGE range bag but has been sitting for the last few years. The bag is well used but very solid. Some cosmetic wear on the metal parts, elastic in areas in pocket areas is stretched out and there are spots of fabric that show some slight wear. But in my opinion the bag is rock solid. Zippers all work great, fabric is all solid, shoulder strap works great. It is 100% ready to go as a SOLID range bag or large recovery gear bag.

It is an older medical EMS jump bag. I cant remember where it came from. You could use it as a medical jump bag, travel bag, large range bag or a large recovery gear bag. That was my plan, plenty of room for several snatch straps, snatch block and shackles. It has two long side pockets and a main center pocket. The main pocket has some padding in the floor and sides.One end has a pocket on it. Has normal duffel bag handles and a solid shoulder strap. Feels like thick Cordora fabric with good solid zippers. The main compartment is big enough to fit a 16" AR15 with a AAC flash hider broken in half. See the picture. That is my PSA 16" AR15 with a AAC flash hider. It fits but does fit tight.The color is darker blue than the pictures look.

This would be a great rang bag or recovery gear bag. Obviously the rifle is not included in the sale. Shipping might be a little expensive because it is bulky. But i will take $45 plus shipping in the lower 48. Please PM. First "I will take it" gets it.




LOL. Kind of. I still have it but i used it just yesterday for fly fishing gear. I am in Atlanta if you want to take a look. No problem at all.
Haha! Man, if you're using it I don't want to take it from ya. Let me know if it's just laying around/taking up space though!
We are moving in May or Oct. So everything is taking up space. That is really why we are digging in the attic and downsizing. I have so many bags and packs. I just looked and my fly fishing net fits in one of my other Osprey packs. So i could use that just as well if you are interested. if you think you will give it some good use you are welcome to check it out. it would probably be better for me to let it go. The back pack is more versatile and we are actually downsizing everything we own so we can travel for a few years. Just let me know. I would like to see it get some goo use if you want it. No big deal. Just let me know.

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