landcrusier v8 vs tundra v8 vs sequioa v8

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Oct 26, 2003
is there any difference between these engines. there all 4.7 litre. my big question is will aftermarket parts for one of these engines work on all my crusier. and if it will work will there be any custom work that needs to be done to make em fit nice. thanks for the info
This is complete rumor, but I had heard they had different cams. Made sense to me as they are rated different hp rated from Toyota. But better take advice from someone in the know.
I test drove an older model 100 Land Cruiser, I don't rember the year, 98 or 99. It had a rear locker, which is not available on the newer models. I don't remeber the model year of the Sequoia, but it was a couple of years ago that I rented it.

When I test drove the Land Cruiser, I was suprised that it seemed much slower when accerlating than the Sequoia. Especially so as the Land Cruiser was empty, and when I drove the Sequoia the third row seats were removed and the entire back was filled just about to the ceiling with food, clothes, tools, and camping gear.

This is Just a single data point. Both vehicles visually appeared to be in good, well maintained condition. The Sequoia performed much better in acceleration. I would guess that the Sequoia was newer than the Land Cruiser. I have not driven any Land Cruiser newer than 1999 model.

I purchased an 80 in order to get front and rear lockers and solid axles. I knew I would be giving up both a smoother on road ride and some power for better off road capabilities. It also took me a long time to find a low mileage 80. There are plenty of low milage 100s available used. My choices were scarce low milage lockered 80, commonly available used 100s, or a new Sequoia. I expect used Sequoias are now common. I don't perfer their styling, but if your offroad is limited to larger and easier trails, they are a more economical alternative to a 100. would be a good place for you to get more feedback regarding the 4.7 V8s across the various product lines.
The difference is exhaust and the big art deco plastic hat cover thingy bolted on top of the Cruiser version. Internals are identical.

The 4.0 1UZ FE should be able to supply many good "factory issue" hi-po parts.... considering it produces 250 - 260hp stock, heads, cams, and manifolds should provide some impressive gains for the 4.7, if they'll fit(?). The newer 3UZ FE 4.3 has some neato stuff, too. Check out
That site is pretty good. Makes me rethinkiing selling my 91. I should drop a 1UZE in it :) I had found a 2UZE for $2800 with 32,000 miles on it last fall. I was really hot after it for a swap until I found out about all the sensors. I think the sensors are beyond my ability. The wheel speed sensors is what put me over the edge on scraping the project. Because everyone does Chevy swaps there is so much aftermarket support. I wish there was more info on Toyota swaps and hotrodding.

So Dan, you are saying that exhaust is what holds the Cruiser back HP wise?

For the driveability between a Sequoia and 100, a lot of the power feel might be because of the Fulltime 4wd vs. 2wd. Maybe the Cruiser weighs more too? Are the computers set up differently for the trannys?

I guess I have more questions than answers.
A buddy of mine who owns a bmw, amg benz, and '01 100 says he test drove both the sequioa and 100. Sequioa wasn't as smooth, was noisier, didn't feel as tight. His remark was the 100 was clearly smoother. This supports the cam argument. I'd guess the 100 engine is made of 100% Japanese parts while the Sequoia probably isn't?
Doubt it. Your beamer buddy is probably reacting to the build quality of the rig itself, not the motor.
[quote author=cruiserman link=board=2;threadid=6763;start=msg56256#msg56256 date=1067382887]
Doubt it. Your beamer buddy is probably reacting to the build quality of the rig itself, not the motor.

It's not a beamer. If it is a car it is a "bimmer". BMW motorcycles are called "Beemers."

Thats why his handle is "Cruiser..." not Beamerman....or 318Iman.......... ::)

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