Landcruiser specialist on the east coast?

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Oct 22, 2014
Perhaps the wrong forum, please move if this is more appropriate somewhere else.

I was going to have Mudrack do the power steering mod on on 73 this spring, but he is backed up multiple months and I am unfortunately move back to the east coast probably before he can get to it.

It’s a bummer, but these things happen.

Is there a Mudrack equivalent on the east coast. I am moving to NYC but going to store the truck for a while at my parents place in VA.

Thanks in advance for any reccos.
Either of the two above. Where in VA are you going to store it. You also need to decide which power steering set up you want, 40/60/scout/saginaw/etc.
Ezra, maybe Georg could sneak you in before you leave. The swap is relatively easy. Valley Hybrids Stockton CA.
Thanks for the advice. I will look into both Iron Pig and OTRAMM.

The rig will be stored in Floyd VA (SWVA, not far from Roanoke and Blacksburg)

I think the Saginaw is still the way to go right? I want to have the power steering done, replace the front bumper with something more stock that accepts my 8274 while it is removed for the power conversion, and have the shackles reversed as I have heard that the reversal compliments the power steering well.
Also have what I think are all the parts for a disc brake conversion, which I am also considering at some point in the future. Anyone done one? Thanks.

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