Landcruiser needing inspection in DFW

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Sep 12, 2008
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Hi Guys
I am looking at a 2006 LC in the DFW area. The only records available are from the car fax and I wanted someone to take a look at it or recommend a shop to have it looked at. I am doing this long distance from Atlanta.

Thanks for any insights

Exactly where is it located? DFW covers a large area! I live one county west of Fort Worth; I'd go look at it for you if it was in Fort Worth or west, but Dallas is a long drive for me.
I'm leaving for vacation in the morning so will not be able to help in person. However, if the vehicle is located in Dallas, I would contact Davenport Motors to see if they could do an inspection.

Davenport Motor Company | Independent Lexus Service & Repair

They have multiple locations from Dallas to Plano so that may help. I only deal with their Dallas location. They advertise as Lexus only but are very happy to work on Toyotas, especially Landcruisers which are the same as LXs. They service both my 100 and 200 series LCs.

The Dallas location number is 214-350-8488. Ask for Rudy (service advisor) or Craig (owner). I'd recommend that you have Cliff (tech) do the checkout.

Good luck!
Hi Guys,

THanks. The one I wanted was sold out from under me and the other one has a questionable maintenance history based on Toyota website.

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