Landcruiser Museum visit

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1974 FJ40 SBC V8 350 TH400
Oct 18, 2016
Portland, OR
I visited my son in Salt Lake City a few weeks ago and insisted that we go to the Landcruiser Museum. Great place and free to visit. Full of beautiful rigs. Recommend if anyone is in SLC.
Landcruiser museum 1.JPG
We almost swung by there on our way home from Moab a couple of weeks ago, I'm bummed we didn't. The timing didn't make sense and we had a 18 hour drive ahead of us. :confused:

The best I could do was watch a video of this museum on YouTube when I got home. What a fantastic place, so much Land Cruiser history in one room, it's really awesome. The level of preservation of these vehicles is astounding! Well done!!
I would love to go but I just can't bring myself to go yet. It would cost me too much $$$ going through the museum and getting ideas of things to do to my 40. I don't need any inspiration because my imagination is already too active compared to my wallet. I have to say focused on my 401k just a little longer. My retirement present to myself will be a full on frame off restore of 40 so I just have to have patience a little longer. :hillbilly:

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