Landcruiser FJ80 Gas to Diesel Swap: Expert help needed!!!!

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Jul 13, 2013
Hey guys, I'm thinking about a gas to diesel Swap, the donor vehicle will be a HDJ81
92 Landcruiser, right hand drive. The vehicle is an Automatic. Running the straight 6, diesel turbo engine. Factory stock.

I plan to do the swap into a 1991 FJ80. This fj80 is non turbo, non diesel as you would expect. The vehicle is automatic with about 180k miles on the stock engine, and the stock Transmission. The vehicle has a good detailed history, most servicing was done by toyota dealers, so I would expect that the vehicles Tranny would last me another 50-75k miles.

Keep this in mind. My goal is to drop the engine, transmission, and transfer case of the original HDJ81 RHD into the FJ80 USA left hand drive.

I need your help. I need to know the following. In that order.

1. Will the 1hdt-engine bolt right up to the stock motor mounts. If not, why?
2. Will the engine bolt up to the stock fj80 transmission? If not, why? Will the linkage be the same for the automatic transmission out of the FJ80? I case i just drop the engine by itself?
3. Will the HDJ81 transfer case bolt on to the driveline to the FJ80?
4. Will the diesel gas tank bolt right on to the stock FJ80?
5. Is the fuel sending unit inside or outside of the HDJ81 gas tank?
6. What kind of fabrication will I need to do for this project.

I'm thinking about bringing in the following for the project. Ill have access to the whole complete HDJ81. Please tell me if I'm forgetting something for the conversion.

-1hdt engine
-transfer case
-engine harness, ECU
-diesel gas tank
-diesel fuel sender/fuel pump if its outside the gas tank
-factory diesel fuel lines
-other needed harnesses from the engine? Please tell me which ones?

That's my list so far, can you tell me what else to bring from the HDJ81 in order to make my life easier for a fast weekend swap.

Thanks for your help!


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Good luck on this one. And please use a SMALLER FONT!

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PM a guy in the Greater Vancouver area known here on MUD as "70s guy". He has done this and put a 5 speed in as well. He might be able to give some pointers
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tell me what else to bring from the HDJ81 in order to make my life easier for a fast weekend swap.

Thanks for your help!

There is really no way to swap a 1HD-T into your rig in a weekend, or fast by any means.

As others have said, head over to the Diesel section in Mud, and you will find numerous threads dealing with the installation of this motor into a US-Spec 80. You may also want to let us know where you are, as there may be a Mudder close to you who can help.


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Good luck to your project. I was thinkin of doin the same swap with my 91 80.

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