Landcruiser 80 window motor dead / stopped working (1 Viewer)

Nov 10, 2007
Just thought I would post this info in case anyone searches for it. And has the same problem
Rear drivers window won't work, it was fine last time it was used, but that could of been months ago.....maybe more than a year.
Anyway today not working, won't work with rear door switch or front drivers switch panel, other 3 are ok.
Remove door panel, CAREFULLY remove plastic moisture barrier, and remember to put this back, if you don't the hardboard backing on the door panel will get wet and fall apart in a very short time.
Disconnect the window motor, get your multimeter and test for 12v from the switch.....remember to turn ignition on.....doh
If you have 12v then it must be something in the motor
Remove 4 bolts holding motor in the door, be careful as the window will drop when you take it out.
Check terminals in the connector block you disconnected you should have a circuit through the motor, mine was open not electrical path throughout he motor.
Open up motor, two screws holding motor cover on, one screw is tricky to get out due to part of the mechanism being in the way but I managed to get mine out.
Test from the connector block to the brushes and try to work out where circuit is broken.
There is a small overload contact in there, looks like a tiny set of points if you have ever worked on old car with point and condensers. ..that's where mine was causing problems, it's a bi metallic strip I think, this is two different pieces of metal together, when they get hot one expands more than the other and make the contractor bend away to break the circuit, when they cool the circuit should be made again, Mine was not making contact, I could push it closed with a small screw driver and get a circuit, my fix was to push a small piece of plastic between the motor case side of the switch to push it and make the contact, whilst the overload won't work you could always put a fuse inline or replace the motor if it bothers you, just don't let the kids race windows up and down and you should be fine for the amount of operation most rear windows get........put some lube on the mechanism, I sprayed some silicone spray in the rubber window runners to help everything move easier and some lithium grease on the metal mechanism inside the door.
Check the motor works ...if it does
Stuff it all back together.......get the plastic backing back in place neatly....or order a new door panel and backing for when it falls apart.
Job done
Open cold beer and/ or ....order wife to make mr fix-it a large rum and coke.......and relax

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