For Sale LandCruiser 200 big country double drawer kit. Golden,CO

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Jan 7, 2021
Philadelphia PA
Lightly used set of Big Country double drawer kit. One piece drawer, bolts down via 3rd row seat mounts…6 bolts and it’s in 6 bolts and they are out. These are the largest cubic inch drawers on the market for the 200 and specifically made for this model. Also you expand your trucks usable trunk surface area, our dog loved that.

Nothing wrong with them, we loved them. We are just at a point where we will be building out the entire cargo area… fridge, kitchen, drawer etc. (had these because we had a travel trailer)

New they are 2155 plus freight. Selling for 1600 pickup only. I am willing to meet within a reasonable distance if needed as well (250miles). They weigh about 150# all together.

Solid product, with great engineering. I wouldn’t think twice about buying again.

1600 located in Golden CO

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