LAND CRUISER T-Shirt Blow out Sale!!

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mmw68 - pimping crap for your cruiser!
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Dec 13, 2004
Austin, Texas

Howdy ya'll,
I only have a few t-shirt left from Round up, and Iam having a sale!! ;)
Once these are gone...they are gone!

Normally I sell these shirts for $20 shipped....

The Blow out Sale price if $5 off !!!!-

So they are $15 shipped!!

On the Front: "Toyota Land Cruiser - Engineered for life"
On the Back: The Blueprint for FJ40

I have two colors - Navy and Cholate Brown.

I even have a few XXL Size for us big boys!

This is a nice 100% cotton shirt.
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As of 11:00 am - all orders have been shipped out!

Shirts are going fast..Here is what I have left, and will update the web site as they sell out.

Brown - 2XL - 2 shirts left
Brown - XL - 4 shirts left

Blue - 2XL - 4 shirts left

Once these are gone - Iam not going to do any more FJ40 shirts.
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I'll take one X-Large in the blue..if none left, brown..
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Are you shipping them US Mail or UPS ?
mmw68 said:
Iam always ship USPS, why? :)

Cause I have a PO and a street address. Used my debit card and put both addresses in. Ordered a Navy XL ! I was at Round Up, wish I had know you had them there with ya!! Thanks, Mike.
Yes...bring it to the next meeting or if we meet up for lunch with Jeff and Henry.

mmw68 said:
I'll put a BLue XL aside for you. Do you just want me to bring it to the next LSLC meeting?
i guess i shoulda waited till after round up :doh:

DEEP SOUTH got his mark, thanx, he was very happy :) :bounce: :bounce2:
If I took the three brown XL's at $15 each, will you ship them to Japan?

If not, how much in addition would you need to make it happen?

I can PayPal you as soon as you can confirm with me (or when I get up in the morning;) ).



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