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Nov 12, 2017
Southwest USA
Selling my Toyota literature. Each document is directly related to Land Cruisers, has historical reference to them, or is just historic to Toyota. I reached out to Toyota Corp. to see if they might be interested in them. Haven't heard back so thought I'd offer them to MUD members.

First two pics:
• July 1963 FJ40/43 and Fj40V parts catalogs. 100% complete and in pretty darn good condition. 333 and 174 pages. Sold as a pair, $250 for the both of them.
• 1956 FJ25 parts catalog. A rare beast, indeed. 167 pages. I’ve already scanned this and uploaded to a website procured by @seth. The original hard copy is now available. Binding in rough shape but 100% complete. $250.

Third pic and fourth pics (left to right):
• 1953 Truck and Bus parts catalog. Mostly BX truck parts. 139 pages, all in Japanese. Excellent condition. $75
• 1948 (I think) repair manual. Not vehicle-specific – mostly for large trucks. Yellow with aged. Very, very cool look. Binding is in a world of hurt. Back few pages are loose, but it is 100% complete. 205 pages, all in Japanese. $40 because of condition.
• 1954 Truck and Bus repair manual. 100% complete, binding in good shape. 87 pages, all in Japanese. $30

Fifth and sixth pic: Volume 1, No. 1 Toyota Service Bulletin. I can’t substantiate this, but I think it was Toyota’s first service bulletin, this one for brakes. Believe it dates to May 1942 from Nagoya City, which makes this a survivor of the Nagoya City war bombings in 1945. Binding is shot. 8 pages, all in Japanese. Rear cover is missing, but it would have ended on page 8 so no contents have been lost. $20 because of condition.

Seventh through eleventh pics: “History of Toyota” anniversary books. Dated 1967 and 1972 I believe. There is some great reference to Land Cruisers in the 1967 book. Could have possibly been published for specific divisions or dealerships. Wish I could provide more detail on the content for these two. 341 pages in the larger 1967 book. The 1972 book does not have page numbers. Both in Japanese, both in excellent condition. $50 for the pair.

Twelfth pic: Very cool paper advertising sign. Size 10” x 7”. Probably displayed in a dealership. Essentially translates to “Look for this sign to purchase a quality Toyota”. Year unknown. Frame included. $25

Thirteen & Fourteenths pics: Tri-fold Toyota brochure. Good Land Cruiser info. $17

Fifteenth & sixteenth pics: 9/1973 Toyota brochure. 13 pages showing a few different Toyota models, including the 40 and 55. $17

The Google Translate app works pretty well for reading the Japanese books and catalogs.

All prices include shipping.

First pic

Second pic

Third pic

Fourth pic

Fifth pic


Keystone Cruiser
Feb 17, 2005
Fantastic collection!
I would like to add number 12 to my growing collection if it isn't already spoken for.

I'll send a pm.

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