lakewood bellhousing ( Freebie!!!)

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May 15, 2003
Hi all, and "many thanks" to all of you who sent me pictures of the V8 installs. This web site is excellent, just Tons of info with lots of people ( and pictures) with good ideas.

Like I mentioned, I got a lakewood bellhousing ( for a case of beer!!??) and it was already attached to a L/C Tranny anbd transfer case. Does anyone out there have this type of bellhousing...... how was your install? any comments?

As mentioned doing a complete restoration on a 1979 BJ 40.

I chose to re-build the tub, yikes a lot of welding a nd re-work required here!! Added aluminum checker plate on the quarter panels and rockers.... eliminated lots of body work.... look great also.

If anyone need some shots of steel tub re-building let me know. Send me your e-mail address and I will send you some shots... Thanks
restoration 101.
Do you still have the diesel engine kicking around? I could be interested especially if it's complete.
Sorry, already Sold it. Had been sitting for seven or eight years in a warehouse.... ( before I bought it) looked OK, but the guy never changed the oil before it was stored. Kinda scrary pretty hard on seals and bearings , so I have been told.... So a V8 was in order.

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