SOLD (LA) FZJ80 Brand New Rear Pads and Rotors

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Jan 23, 2020
United States
I was going to install these parts on my FZJ80 but my life circumstances changed and I’m going to be selling the 80 in the near future.

I have three items that I’m looking to sell as a package deal:
1. I have two Raybestos Coated rear rotors, part number 96362. Fits all 94-97 80’s. They can be found here on Summit:
These are really nice rotors, and the coating means they will not get eaten up by rust like bare cast iron rotors. If sold individually, I’d be looking for $50 each.
2. I have a Powerstop Z36 carbon-ceramic brake pad kit. Includes hardware. Part number is Z36-606, as found here:
These are great pads, that offer better-than-OEM stopping power at a great price point. If sold individually, I’m only looking for $30 for the kit.

Overall, this would be a very good rear brake setup, that would offer awesome stopping power and very long life. I did a lot of research when picking out these parts and I came to the conclusion that this combination was the best value per dollar.

Everything is of course brand new, never even taken out of the box. I’m looking to get $120 for everything. I’m located in south central LA and could meet anywhere in the LA area. I’d be happy to ship the items, but the weight of the rotors might make that cost-prohibitive.
Sounds good, try selling them as a whole package, if you can't find a buyer I'll take the pads. I'm in no rush for the rear brakes rights now.

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