KZJ78 lift measurements

Jul 23, 2008
Does anyone have the stock measurements for lift on a KZJ78 (or I assume an LJ or short wheelbase -73 variant of either the KZJ or LJ)? I've got a KZJ78 and I don't know how to determine how much lift is currently on the car. I'm for sure going to add a new lift as part of replacing old, worn shocks anyway, but I want to get a reference for whether I should be pursuing a 2" or 2.75" lift, which are the most common I see available for purchase. It would help if I can compare what's on the car now to some standard. On my other LCs I'm used to comparing the measurement between the center of the wheel hub and the underside of the fender (eliminates tire size impact), but I'm open to any measurements that can be compared, either directly or after adjusting for differences in tire sizes.
Dec 22, 2015
Whitefish/Bozeman, MT
This thread might help. I can get some measurements from my Prado, I have a 30mm front lift and a 60mm rear.


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