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Jun 24, 2003
:D :D

check my post about a week ago.
Okay... I guess i'm a little lost here. I still need a cruiser. Someone rescue me, before i go out and buy a 4Runner this weekend. :ban:

there are so many 80's outside. I think you can't part with your money or you want a '97 LC with 50Miles for 10K.

If you really want a LC 80 then you would not even consider a 4Runner.

Just go out of the door and buy yourself one :cheers:

Just do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Repeat after me: I want a cruiser, I NEED a Cruiser,I will not be happy until I get a cruiser, I WILL BUY A CRUISER!!!!!
Okay, I found the post you were talking about. I e-mailed the people about it. I'd really rather the vehicle be found somewhere more in the midsouth, southeast area's if possible. I live in the NW corner of Arkansas. TX, MS, TN, MO, OK, KS, LA, are all within a few hundred miles of me.

Thanks for the heads up! :cheers:
I think you can't part with your money or you want a '97 LC with 50Miles for 10K.

nah, that's absurd. The guy who just bought that dune/ grey colored FJ80 paid about 13,5, that looks like the kinda deal I'm looking for. I don't mind miles, (ideally under 100, but if it needs to be 110K, I could deal with that). Honestly, I just haven't found one that the person has taken care of and isn't asking a ridiculous price for. I'm tired of seeing cruisers that are 7 years old, having torn seats, stained carpets, and scratched/dinged up bodies with 115K miles and people wanting 15K for them. :-\
People can "want" whatever for a don't have to offer that much. You never know.

Nor do i. For example, i think i was very fair in offering a lady 15K for her 96 LX with lockers, that was in fair condition. Had dings on teh body from doors, and whatnot, interior stank, was filthy, and had dog hair in it. There were other minor problems with it, no service done on the Birfs or anything. It had 90K miles. She wouldn't even hear of anything less than 17. :flipoff2:
No rust in AZ, maybe sun fade, then you can repaint to black and hassle Cdan about black painted LCs. It has 80k miles and says it was well maintanied.
Look at it again!!!


Jus' don't tell me it's factory :D
I have gotten two parking tickets within the past month that labeled my beautiful 6M1 emerald green 94 as a "black Toyota SUV."

I think the parking cops here at the Y are just giving me a hard time though because they are jealous. Everybody wants 6M1... right Dan?

Rogue, um, ....Has the Dean seen yer new avitar? :-X

Would you like me to procure a pair of emerald slippers for you as well?

My faded two tone silver with charcoal is the bestest!!!

3FE powa!

I think I am gonna go for a bit more liner than I planned..

Gonna do the "hood bubble", the roof, and the flares and lower two tone in black Dupont liner (UV resistant).

Then I will have a mostly black 1991!

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