For Sale KS - 94 Fzj80 E Lockers

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United States
I don't want to sell this truck, it has been such an amazing truck, but I have too many vehicles and need to downsize.

A little history on the truck:
I purchased it from a couple in Ramstein, Germany last August who were PCS'ing to Hawaii and couldn't take it with them. They purchased it from an O6 who had it for many years. It still has some of the German service tags on it. I had it shipped back at the beginning of this year. I'm not sure how long it was in Germany before I purchased it, but it's virtually rust free. It does have some light surface rust on some parts (ie, running boards, front bumper, trailer hitch).

I have a clear Kansas title in my name, as well as a book of documents from the previous owners.

Truck just rolled 216k miles the other day. I'm not sure what PM was done before I bought it, but the O6 had it serviced regularly at a German Toyota stealership. I've been told it's the cleanest 1fze for having that many miles. *It doesn't leak/drip a drop of anything*. It does have 1-2 secs of valvetrain chatter at start up (first start of the day when it's been sitting for a while). I recently drove it on a 20 hour road trip towing one of my rat rods and would not hesitate to take it anywhere.

Factory E Lockers - center locks everytime, rear locks just about everytime, and the front probably needs to be cleaned. I've had them all working recently, the PO's never used them.

Every single ammenity works on this truck, it's still almost completely original. A/C will freeze you, and the heater will burn your buns off.

New parts:
-OEM Toyota Brakes with 100 series pads up front - I pulled the front all the way to the birfs and the grease looked fresh, and not soupy. So, I'm guessing the PO's had the front end serviced/rebuilt recently. I had to replace the brakes due to rust.
-OEM Toyota Windshield - I had it replaced just incase they said anything when I went to ship it back. 700 euro :bang:
-Power steering cooler cracked (rust), and instead of purchasing a new $400 unit from Toyota, I ran a small trans cooler in it's place. I still have the original unit which could probably be fixed.
-PO put a Scion deck in the truck. He said he disconnected the battery and didn't have the codes for the stock unit so he replaced it. Works perfectly, just not original.

No gremlins
Running boards were recently removed, they were starting to rust on the sides. I still have them and they will go with the truck if the new owner wants them.
Truck has 3-4 dings in it. Paint is in amazing shape for being 17 years old. With a buff and wax it would look mint.


(512)573 2597 - Best way to get ahold of me.




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PCS'ing? O6? I must've lost my Land Cruiser decoder ring.
It's pretty dirty, but there is some surface rust in some areas. Nothing some sandpaper/wire wheel and rustoleum wouldn't take care of though. I have all new 10mm alan head fill plugs for the diffs for when the fluid gets changed next.


Or two hours NE of Wichita! Wanna trade for my 55? HA?! I like your LC.....

w00dst0ck said:
Kidding. Unfortunately I have way too many projects as is :beer:

Darn. Well here's a couple bumps for a reasonably priced 80. :cheers:
Thanks! I'm willing to go as low as $4,500 for a serious buyer. Wanting to pay off some bills *sigh*
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Are you driving to Wichita anytime soon? I actually am remotely interested....

I can, it's about 2 hours away. Or we could meet half way? If we meet up, I can pretty much do it any day of the week after work. I've got a box of new Toyota PM parts that will go with it as well.
Still have the original tool bag, jack etc... Factory wingless/rackless. Cloth interior is in amazing shape, not a single hole anywhere. I will deliver it to Texas if purchaser pays for the gas (would give me a good reason to come home and see family).
Truck has never been smoked in. I don't smoke, all ashtrays look like the day it rolled off the assembly line, and the aux. lighter appears to have never been used.

About the PHH and headgasket, I have no idea if they are original or have been replaced. Honestly, the truck runs awesome, and is in amazing shape (was well maintained by PO), so i'm assuming they've been done.

I have, and I wouldn't hesitate to get in it tomorrow and drive it across the country. I'm not going any lower on the price, and it's not costing me anything to just let to sit in the driveway.

Started it for the first time in a few weeks yesterday, planning on getting a video when I get some time.

If you're looking for an 80 that has documented service history, this probably isn't the truck for you. The PO said he had it all, but shipped it with his household goods before they moved. I build hotrods and do all my own work because I don't trust anyone else to do it.
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