Knuckle rebuild kit

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Apr 25, 2002
Bella Vista, AR
I am in the process of swapping mini disks onto my FJ40. I did a search and didn't find what I needed to know: Who sells the most complete rebuild kit (mini-truck) at the lowest price? Thanks!
Heart of Texas off-road ~$86 shipped I think. Might try Rick Donnley ( also.
Cool, thanks! :beer:
I got mine from man-a-fre seemed to be the best at the time..119.00 included wheel bearings and all the seals...but i think the prices went up!!!!

Wow, that is a good price especially since it has the wheel bearings included. I may give them a shout and see what's up with the kit these days. Thanks!
The kits from Oz (MAF) use crappy axle seals. Consider going OEM. More important for 80 series though.
I bought mine from cool cruisers of texas- it was priced at $104, and came with the trunion/kingpin bearings- no wheel bearings. But it did come with their cool cruisers calendar :G
I just got a kit from all pro offroad for $105 plus shipping.
Alright, I purchased a kit from Heart of Texas Off-Road. It was $78 plus $4.98 for shipping. I went to O'Reilly's and got the wheel bearings and races for $48. Just a little FYI.

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