knucke shim/bearing question?

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Nov 16, 2006
Fort Worth, TX
I might be doing this wrong, so I thought I would get some input. I am in the middle of a mini disc conversion and am setting preload on the trunion bearings. I am familiar with how to go about achieving the correct preload, but here is my question:

When you have incorrect preload, what is the best way to disassemble in order to try a different sized shim?

From my very limited experience, as you tighten the steering arm down, the bearing gets "pressed" onto the steering arm inside the knuckle. If I need to remove the steering arm, it requires quite a bit of work to get off since the bearing is holding it on the knuckle. I worry that when I try to remove it, the bearing will be ruined if it isnt done with care (dont ask how I know).

Thanks in advance for the input.
I've only had one stick to the arm and that was on dissassmbly of an old axle, usually the arm slips right out of the bearing, not a press fit.
I made a tool that goes inside the housing to push the steering arm out of the bearing.. Its a PITA to have to do, so to speed the shim thickness selection up a few steps I evenly tightened the steering arm nuts with just the flat washers till I got correct preload, with no shims in there, then measured the gap with a feeler gauge.. I might be able to get a pic of the tool I built if you need it for ideas..
Ok. Looks like maybe my bearings are just sticking to the steering arm and the lower piece, whatever its called. I guess I should clean up the arm a little, and be sure to grease it. When I pulled it out yesterday, the insides of the bearing came out the top with it (whoops). New bearing is on the way, I shouldnt have to do this again for a while, since I know which shim I need to use now. Thanks for the input guys!

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