Knuck Rebuild - Lower Trunion Bolt

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May 13, 2009
Hey again. While removing the passenger side control arm on my 93 lc I placed my wrench on one of the nuts and it turned very easy. I placed no force on the nut...removed the wrench and turned with my finger and it just kept spinning. Pulled on the end of the nut and it came out of the control arm. Looked at it and found the nut was attached to the bolt. The bolt had broken off inside the knuckle. Has anyone experience this before? Could this have happened from the last repair shop not re-torquing the nut properly and why would it only happen to one bolt and not others. (See my other post for more detail) What do you recommend I do about this. Any procedures would be great to help in this situation or if anyone has a used passenger side knuckle that they would like to get rid off, please let me know. I would like to complete it myself but have limited experience with stud replacement so anything would help. Size of tap, bolts, etc.

Come on guys...need a bit of advice here. Should I purchase a new knuckle and put it pack together or fix the one I have that needs fixing. How much of a pain will it be to drill and replace a stud? I have found a used one for $125.00 with shipping included. Is this a good price?

Thanks again
Do you mean one of the studs? If so, these are a bit tricky to tighten properly. OE replacements now have a torx end that allows you to tighten them down better than previous versions. If the stud broke off in the knuckle, remove it and replace it with a new style stud which costs around $5. An easy out should make it a pretty quick job.
I have owned this vehicle since 95 and have never had anything done to it that would have warrented the control arms to be removed or messed with. Not sure how it happened... I have ordered a couple and awaiting arrival. What is the best method of removal? The bolt broke at an angle inside the knuckle. What would be the best way to remove it? I got the dremmel out and started on the bolt to get it as even as possible to get a reverse drill bit in there but, if it is still torqued to 71lbs like the others are I do not think this will be an option. What would be the easy out method? Suggestions are welcome.

Ya, give me a couple of hours to get a good one and I will post it on flickr with a link. In the mean time for additional is one of the four lower control arm bolts that are pressed into the rh knuckle casing.

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