Known Issues - 100 Series Air Conditioning System?

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Dec 27, 2006
The Land of Frank Rizzo
In a previous post I queried the forum about a flashing Air Conditioning light, it appeared that most of the "faithful" did not have any issues with their A/C system.

The FSM will tell you what the flash codes mean, except in my case. I have a code that is NOT in the FSM. I took the rig to my local mechanic (who I trust) and he sourced the first code to the solar sensor - he cleared it and then it gave him the code that I could not figure out, it turns out that he could not figure out the code either.

He engaged the A/C system and the clutch engaged and then an oder came though the system - he now believes that the clutch is toast. He then went to a website to figure out what is going on with the codes and this website (ITN) stated that there were "issues" with the 100 series air conditioning system.

I have not seen many post on the forum dealing with issues in the A/C system, I am wondering if anyone else has had A/C issues or other problems with their climate control.

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Solar Sensor? That is interesting. My system isn't throwing any codes at me, but when it gets real hot outside, my fan doesn't work as well on the auto setting. It seems to get stuck on the second fan setting unless I change it manually or go to the extreme cold setting on the temperature. It is a rarity, so I haven't thought much about it until I heard solar sensor. It always seems to happen at the same time of day when I am traveling in the same direction (position of the sun) when the temperature gets much over 80.

Other than the flashing light, what are the symptoms? appeared that most of the "faithful" did have any issues with their A/C system.


Should that not read: appeared that most of the "faithful" did not have any issues with their A/C system.


No issues here, except when the truck is cold and I set the fan dial to defrost, it likes to immediately kick the fan to high... but I suspect (as annoying as I find it to be) this is by design since my BMW does the same thing.
Whoops on the typo!

Travis, do you have the FSM?
2004 AC gone bad

My 04 with 49k just lost the AC. Still under warranty. The dealer said it just needed a re-charge I told them that there must be a problem b/c it lost all of the (R134/Freon/whatever). I will post up when I learn what the actual problem was.
Just had to replace the A/C compressor in my '99 at 149K. The front seal blew.
178000k's air compresser stuffed $850au for a new one.Can't find non genuine.This sucks because I was about to order a turbo for my 75 series.
I think this is going to be more painful than replacing both exhaust manifolds - well, maybe not

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