Knocking noise when turning

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Feb 22, 2003
Hi, I have been experiencing problem that is nothing short of annoying.
I hear a knocking noise when I turn sharp corners. I can create the noise by driving down the road at slow speeds then turning the sharply to the left then back sharp to the right ect. It will clunk or knock each time I get the rig turning in the other direction. I occasionally hear the same noise when turning off highways, intersections, etc.
Thanks for any help.
Check your bushings on your shackles for the leaf springs. Mine were all but gone and I had that exact same problem.
Thanks, I bet you're right.
My shock bushing were completey worn out before replacing them.
I think I first noticed the noise after replacing the shocks.
You may also want to check motor mounts. One loose one can drive you crazy searching for the noise.

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