Kitchen Cabinet Backlighting

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May 20, 2007
Looking for a suggestion for lights to go inside cabinets with glass doors, such as the ones at the top of the cabinets in the photo. There is a switched 110 wire at the bottom of each top section (one switch for all of the cabinets). I think it would be used with the undercabinet lighting strictly for ambiance. The wire comes in at the back bottom of each of those cabinets and I was thinking that I would install the light at the bottom in the back generally directed up. My thinking is that the inside of the cabinet will defract the light and gently illuminate the glass doors from the inside. At least that's my theory...

So has anyone ever installed something (or have something installed or even seen something installed) for a similar application? It looks like I could go low voltage, small fluorescent, or any of a hundred other ways.

Just looking for ideas before I go buy lights one at a time until I figure out what works best.
Kitchen cabinets reduced.JPG
There are many choices out there:
You can install an Invisible led Tape anywhere, most of the Manufactureres sell kits with a plug in transformer, or you will have to rewire your kitchen cabinets for other type of lighting !
My favorite are recessed puck lights.
You can always get remote transformers without destroying half your kitchen.

Invisible led tape lighting
Undercabinet Puck lighting

And you'll understand more.


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