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Jul 30, 2019
Orange County
Creating this as a formal introduction, problem diagnosis, and repair diary.

I inherited/purchased this bad boy July 2019 from my dad. He purchased it in Alaska in 2016 off an eBay ad. What arrived was not exactly as he expected. My father is a perfectionist and this car was anything but perfect. After 3 years of chasing parts, chasing problems, and bleeding money he realized this project was no longer fun.

Over those 3 years I had encouraged his progress, made suggestions where I could, and towards the end helped liberate the vehicle from the mechanic who had stopped responding and stopped working on the vehicle.

10 minutes after I pulled out of my dads driveway with the BJ40 in tow my dad called me laughing hysterically. “She’s your problem now”.

Thankfully I am NOT a perfectionist. My goal is to fix what I can and just have it be my around town daily driver. Hoping for the occasional off road adventure to big bear and to Pismo Beach sand day.

SPECS of what I know/found in the eBay listing... please help me fill in any information or details I am missing.

1979 BJ40 Landcruiser
24volt electrical system
65,000km - or is it miles?
4 cylinder diesel B motor
Garrett turbo
Aqualu aluminum body
Homemade swing open rear door
Full floating rear axle
Skyjacker springs (2 inch lift)?
Ubolt sliders
Ramsey RE8000 winch (24 volt variant)
On board air compressor
ARB lockers front and rear

Repair list & links:
Fuel filter - Fuel filter part #
Fixed - EGT gauge - EGT gauge help
Alternator - what alternator? bj40
Voltage regulator- BJ40 alternator voltage regulator problem
Fixed - Parasitic electrical draw - Parasitic electrical draw problem - help please
Cross member removal - Shackle mount welded to bumper?
Suspension Upgrades -
-pro comp U bolt kit - part #50090
-2.5” pro comp rear leaf springs - part #31253
-2.5” pro comp front leaf springs - part # 31252
- Bilstein 5125 series 0-2” rear shocks - part # 33185606
- Bilstein 5125 series 0-2.5” front shocks - part # 33233970

On to the pics!!!!





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