Keystone Colorado

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Apr 1, 2003
Anyone have any recommendations on places to hit around Keystone Co? ??? The wife and I are going to spend about 5 days there and are looking for some trails that could be done in a day.
Just go pick this book up:

4WD Adventures : Colorado
by Peter Massey, Jeanne Wilson

I used this to navigate all over CO, and the UT version as well, these guides are really unparalleled, not perfect but damn good!

Just my $.02 on that. There are a couple of really nice passes to hit but it depends on what you want to see. I'd imagine Christo has more relevant info. as I haven't lived there in a few years...
I lived there, many years ago. If the wacko's haven't closed all the trails, go up to Montezuma ( I think is the highest city in CO or USA). From there go up,up,up and you are above tree line. That is if the snow is gone yet??? Up there you can go to Breckenridge or go on several other trails. If you fish you can go to Hartsel, south of Fairplay, and it use to be some great lake and stream fishing for trout and notthernpike. If the snow is still blocking trails, head up to Steamboat, I would think some trails up there shoud be open. If they are snowed in, the BLM area around Craig has some great trails to bum around on.
I am thinking of going out there the first of Aug. I hope the snow is gone by then.
Try the following links: 4X4 Trails

I u know when u're gonna be up in that direction, post again or drop a line and may be interested in joinging u on some of the trials or even arrange an outing

Once u have selected trials that look of interest check with Forest Service/State Parks to ensure trial conditions (may not be open). Also review some of the BB sites for past writeups.
96 FZJ , Longmont, CO
Um, ...Junko,

The Rising Sun club out of Denver RUNS Cruise Moab...... :dunno:

I think Christo is in Golden Co. :dunno: (The home of Keystone :G )

I guess your'e right,.......They don't ::)
Montezuma... I was there some 4th of July when the mayor was lighting off dynamite on main street. What a town...

Can't beat that!
Here is a list of books. The first two is pretty good, with good directions and trail descriptions. Although the ratings are on the high side.

As Junk said, we don't wheel our trucks, so we can't help you much. :D You could also drop by the shop and look at the trailer queens sitting outside. :D Then there is the Coors tour in town

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