Keyless Entry Power Locks

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Jun 22, 2003
Did power locks with the keychain, keyless entry come standard on the 92 LC? I recently picked one up and although I have power locks, it only came with 2 keys on the keychain and nothing battery powered.

I don't think keyless entry was standard on any 80 ('ceptin maybe the CE?) I doubt it was even a dealer option 'til the FZJ (93 and newer) C-dan will have the definitive answer shortly I'm sure.
Keyless entry is part of the VIP RS3000 security system and the TVSS predecessor.
On a 1992, if you look to the left of the steering wheel, down on the dash where the power mirror controls are, you should see a piece marked "Toyota Security" with what looks like a piezo microphone and a rocker switch. If you have this, then you have the alarm system.

There were two different alarms used in 1992, keyfobs are available from Spector Off Road for about $70. Don't know if CDan could get one or not.


Keyless entry wasn't even a standard on the CE, though it was an option.

I tried to get a kit to add one on a couple of years ago for my '97, and while you can still find the keyless entry kit (i.e., the electronic bits), you can't get the hardware kit to install it with, so I was SOL and still have to use the old-fashioned method.
Scamper, I hear you, I am planning on just getting a cheap aftermarket keyless entry (only) unit, don't need an alarm and all that extra crap, just getting annoyed unlocking the back with the key to load up and then unlocking the drivers door w/key to get in, OR getting out of the car, locking all doors with central locking and then unlocking the back w/key to get my cargo out. The PO put quite a few scratches around the key holes too. I just need to buy that cheap keyless entry!

When you get done, please let me know how it worked out. I really would like to have keyless, but I don't want it to look/work like a kludge job. I too don't care about the security stuff--you hit the nail on the head with the tailgate issue!

The Wulf is correct.

Keyless entry was wrapped with the security system.

But, it was available as a stand-alone in 96-97 in addition to being part of the alarm. That set-up is not common because it was almost as much as a whole alarm system.
OK While we are on the subject. The wife's fob front button acts and deacts the alarm but the rear button does nothing....? I assume it is supposed to lock and unlock the doors.....she doesnt care if it works or not but I do! :-\Do yall think the remote is bad or do we need to reset something....or just plunk down $75 for a new one from ??? advice always appreciated.
Mine doesn't work either. I always figured that it was there for a factory remote start button. Dan may know...

There be TWO buttons on yer remote for one, and only one, reason :

If you be a two Toyota family, the second button can be programmed to "talk" to the second vehicle. So, one remote, two buttoms, two cars. :D
C-dan, I tried for a while.....but it seems my 88 pickup aint impressed by no fancy remote buttons :p
I'm with Ben and Tom...dont care much about the alarm system but sure would be nice to lock and unlock with a remote 8)

and C-dan do you want me to take a photo of a keystone can wiht the wife's Nikon and email it to you??? your a-tar looks like the Marine Corp's new pixelated camo version of a keystone can :D
If you decide to take a picture of a keystone for C-dan, make sure it is a keystone light! I still think it is a pepsi can ? but what do I know?? I drink Corona's. :D

Thanks for the tip on the dual use of the remote. Is it a fairly easy process to program the other vechicle??


Yup, real easy.


You should be able to lock and unlock the vehicle in conjunction with arming/ disarming the system.

As far as me can goes, I had to re-size it to get to 60x60. since the woodmiester went back to 100x100 I just haven't gotten around to fixing it. BTW, after a few it looks pretty good :D

See Beowulf's Elaborate FZJ80 web site for programming instructions. For those of us with a single Toyota the bottom button can be programmed to work just like the top button. That way you're not bugged about a "non-functioning' button.

Now I have the 2 button remote:

1. arms and lock/unlocks the system
2. sounds alarm I thought like a distress signal

It's too early in the A.M. to try it now but I will later.

Remotes been working Like sh*t lately. Took it apart and a small clip that holds the battery in position has broken. So Rainman Dan, got a part number for that one? :D
-B- Thanks for the info and page...I also found a .pdf version

C-Dan, Keystone is not too bad...I always figured it was just Coors' way of trying to market to PA rednecks.....
do they still make the reg/non-light variety?...
Coors upset me when they stopped selling the Extra Gold Draft!
I read -B- manual on the alarm.
The cruiser has the alarm system, and the wife's Sienna only has "keyless entry" can I still program both cars to one "thingy"??? ???

Dunno. Try it and let us know.


(For the record... those alarm manual scans have been floating around on 80s lists for a couple of years. The RS3000 manual was originally scanned by landpimp. Some resizing and page fitting was done but others have contributed.)
I guess the first thing I'll do is look under the seat of the Sienna for a black box with a little green button???

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