Key does not turn smooth and blowning fuse. (1 Viewer)

May 9, 2010
Yes i searched .Hi I have a 1990 fj60 and the truck just did not start. Turns over fine The ignition fuse was blown put in new and same. key does not turn smooth would that be the key switch itself or the contacks under the tumblers? thanks ahead of time. Martin
Jan 10, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
Could be a busted key switch. Your best bet is to poke around for any shorts with a multimeter and see what's happening. If it is the key switch then it'll come out easy, it's just one screw behind the key switch assembly. The top and bottom covers of the steering column have to come off first though. The key barrel itself doesn't need to come out, just the white part that is the electrical part of the key switch. That's of course if the key switch is at fault. I'd poke around with a multimeter and see what's going on first before you go ripping things apart.

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