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Nov 6, 2007
Edmonton, AB
Hey Guys,

I just found out that a buddy of mine had his FJ Cruiser stolen last night.
He's a Land Cruiser guy as well, but the FJ is his Daily Driver.

Here's a description of it:
White 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser with a FOX 4inch lift kit (remote reservoir shocks with FOX shock stickers). Black aftermarket rims with AT tires. It has a yellow Toyota Trails Team badge on the rear swing gate. It sported an ARB bar on the front without a winch. As well a THULE roof pod was also attached.
EDIT: tires are about a 32 or 33 inch & the rim is either a 17 or 18. another thing came to mind. The rear reflector on the bumper should be missing since he got rear-ended recently.

I know it sounds like a generic FJ that you see around town, but try to get a closer look at white ones on the road. I don't know the licence plate on it. Call the cops ASAP if you see something similar.

Thanks guys.
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Can you get the license plate and maybe the last 4 or 5 digits of the VIN in case someone spots it in a lot? Maybe a pic? I'll keep my eyes open.
stolen fj

i'll keep my eyes peeled as well. what part of town was it stolen from?
The owner lives in central downtown. Right on Jasper Ave. It was stolen at night in that area.
I'll contact him to get the plate number.
I saw one like that driving around our school today but I couldn't get a look at the licence plate or rear bumper to see.

It was headed toward Princeton School off of 132 Ave.

can you post a picture of it? does he have one? that would help me determine if the one i saw today was his or not.
So the FJ Cruiser was found.
Sorry for the lack of pictures or a plate. Thanks guys!

Good to hear.

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