Keep losing my wheel weights

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Sep 8, 2011
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Crimp-on weights are the standard for balancing the wheel, no question. I used to run them on mine and generally ended up losing them or they eventually loosened and just slid on the rim. An additional risk with aluminum wheels is that crimp-on weights on the outside rim will scratch the protective coating and leave permanent marks or corrosion pitting so that the next time the wheel is balanced and the weights are moved there will be visible marks left on the rim. Plus, if you wheel it you can expect to loose some weights from trail debris or obstacles.

The next option are stick on weights. They're concealed within the wheel and protected from the usual trail damage. This is what I run now and haven't had any problems.

The final option is balancing beads but they have a tendency to not be as effective at slow speeds and there are a lot of mixed reviews from users.

Thanks for the response. The funny thing is I dont even feel that the wheel is is wobbling or any vibration. Hmmm. Stick on weights eh'? Where does one find a shop that provides that?
All of then offer stick-on weights. Most modern OEM high-end wheels will have them; my wife's 2007 Maxima has them. Next time you get them balanced specify them.
We use both crimp on and stick on weights at work. With the crimp on weights you have to match the profile of the lip of the wheel with the proper weight. We have 4 different profiles we use that fit most wheels. We do install stick on weights as well. I can tell you if you want stick on weights you need to take the wheels off the truck, clean all the mud off them and then bring it into a shop. If not you will pay extra if the shop has to clean the wheels. Some guys do not clean them and try to use stick on weights to dirt/mud and it does not work.

I did not look at the other thread but are you loosing weights while driving off road or highway?
Thanks for the education guys. Mostly highway. The offroad has been sand and dirt gravel roads. Cant really call it wheeling

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