Keep '92 or move up to '99?

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Jul 27, 2011
37° 52' 18" N / 122° 16' 18" W

Keep my very slow on the hills, very good condition (straight no scrapes) unlocked '92, with Wilderness Exhibition full roof safari rack, Arb bumper w/ Warn 10000, 176Kmiles, which gets no better than 11mph on SF to Tahoe to SF trips....and dump about $2K into maintenance this year.......


Get a slightly less exterior condition (4 corner scrapes) '99 V8 w/ lockers, tow pkg and all other dealer options at the time, stock bumpers and roof rack w/ 110K miles for $10K and sell the '92?

Figure the '92 will sell as it sits in the neighborhood of $4k.

I do ferry kids. (air bags, ABS would be +)
Wifey likes the tan and seemingly upgraded interior.
Both have 3rd row seats.
Unless you're really wheeling it (whichever one you have), I'd go with the 100 Series. That's just my two cents.
If you're willing to sell some 80 accessories then definitely go for the 100 ;)
Keep the 92 and buy the 99, of course :cool:
Sell some accessories off the 92. You can prob get 4-5k if its in great shape and you say it has relatively low miles. Then buy the 100. Its a no brained for me.
My plan is to drive my 1991 80 and get 98/99 100 series for the wife, everybody wins.
I have had my 92 for about 4 years. Last year I talked my wife into selling the 07 4Runner to buy an 04 100 series.

I really like the Hundy, but I find myself always taking the 80 out anytime I go somewhere on the weekends. (I have a company truck for DD).

It just really comes down to what speaks to you!
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Tried selling my 80 this past weekend and turned down a guy offering $7,600 cash. I was going to get a 95-up or a 100 series.

In the end, I just couldn't. The 92 3fe rig has so much "soul" to unload.

But, then again, a 100 series is a more practical vehicle for DD & hauling around the minions.

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