Kayline top w/doors

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Jan 2, 2008
Lubbock, Tx
United States
SOLD !! This top is about 6 years old . It has been stored in my house for the past (almost) two years becouse thats around the time I sold my 40. It was used for about 4 summers and actually shared duty with a bikini top . So all in all it is in pretty good shape.
I have all the hardware , rails, winshield rail, two piece (older style handle) doors and they are in great shape ( I didn't use them much) the windows in the top itself are pretty clear. The area where the straps hold the rolled up window is somewhat hazy but all in all I would say a 7 out of 10. If more info is needed (or pics) let me know.
It weighs about 80 lbs. so figure around 95 lbs for shipping. (w/ box and packing) My zip is 79413 so you can figure a rough cost for shipping. I'd like to get 650 for it plus shipping ( but might work a deal with shipping if its not to high).

PRICE reduced from 650 to 475 plus shipping.

soft top 001.jpg
soft top 003.jpg
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im very interested, can you shoot some more pics and email to liv2rev@gmail.com

from what i can tell it has the newer style 2 bow setup and not the oem frame style?
I just emailed you a couple of older pics only the qualitiy is bad becouse they are pictures of pictures.
Anyway there is more info in the email.
Top is for sale again and price has been reduced to 475.oo plus shipping. Total shipping weight is 83lbs (so here is a quote to ship it to Tampa,Fl 33619 from Lubbock, Tx 79413 121.64 bucks)
Thats just to give you an idea.
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Do you mean what year Fj40 ? If so it was on my 75' Fj40.
The top is a little over 6 years old.I got it in the summer of 01' It was on my 40 for 3 summers (I would use the hard top for the winters) and it has been in my house for the past two years I used the bikini top on it only before the summer I sold it.(which I still have and will probably let who ever buys the top have it and the tailgate if they want to pay for shipping them.
I hope that answers your questions if not let me know.
I'm very interested. Could you send some pics to shanefuller@comcast.net?

Would like to see some clearer shot of the windows and the condition of the zippers. I'm assuming this should fit a '71, and that it bolts into the existing holes from the hard top? Is it easy to fold down in a pinch? I'm assuming its comparable to a Wranger top?

Yes , the top uses a rail system and they bolt onto the factory holes. You have to drill about 4 new holes (if I remember correctly). They top is all boxed up and ready to ship. I had it sold but it fell through so I will need to unbox it to take pics. The zippers are in great shape and to door windows are really clean the sides and rear are ok but I will send you some pics.

and I have never owned a jeep so I am not sure how the kayline compares . Maybe someone from MUD will chime in and answer that question for you. It was really pretty easy to put the top down it would just about 5 min. I really never put it down. With the doors off and all sides and rear rold up it was really nice. Stayed pretty cool even on a hot west texas 110 degree day.
Here is one of the bikini top. I modified the rail that the bikini top slides into so it would work with the Kayline top rail.
April-30-2008 140.jpg
and here is a few of the modified tailgate. you can see where there is now a hinge on the left side and a screw on latch for the right side.It still just bolts on using factory screws. A clean job and a shot of paint would do wonders.
April-30-2008 139.jpg
April-30-2008 138.jpg
April-30-2008 137.jpg
If the seemingly pending deals fall through, I'd scoop it all up.

I'm picking up the new 40 tonight, I'll let you know ASAP. (Need to check a out a few things in person before I pull the trigger.)

If the seemingly pending deals fall through, I'd scoop it all up.


ok, i will let you know. whats your zip and I will get you a shipping quote.
If you want to figure it yourself this is the info box is 53x6x38 and currently weighs 83 lbs. add the bikini top and tailgate weight (which can go in the same box) which might add 20 lbs so maybe figure 105 total. I am in Lubbock, Tx 79413
If you still have the tops and tailgate for 475 I will take. I am in Amarillo and will come pice it up at your convinence. Let me know. John Butcher 806 379 6457

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