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craigslist Kayline soft top (first gen. 4runner)-$350 Austin,TX

Mar 28, 2010
Kayline Soft top (Toyota 4Runner)

No affiliation...I actually checked this out for myself and met the lady yesterday, but decided it wasn't for me so now I'm passing on the opportunity for one of yall.

It's in great shape with only a couple of small black marks on the inside plastic windows. The marks are from the structural "hoops" that sit inside and it looks like they can easily be cleaned off. There is also one half of a snap missing. No biggie.

The reason I passed on it is because it's missing the angle brackets used to mount the top to the truck. She bought the top 7 years ago but never installed it so she didn't realize until I showed up that it wasn't a complete setup. I didn't feel like putting that much work into fabbing up the brackets. For you DIY types looking to save a few bucks though, this may be a good option. There may even be another mud member with the missing pieces from a kayline that they don't need anymore and you could scrape up a complete setup :idea: I dunno, check it out.
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May 2, 2008
Columbia, MO
I have a bunch of old kayline bracketry, but not all of it. I am using the pieces at the top for my fabbed bikini top....but the corner brackets and side rails are still their, sitting in my garage, and I even have the bottom hoop brackets, there are some snaps missing and you will need like a zillion small sheet metal screws, but after a few times putting mine up and taking it back down, and it ripping at the seam in several places and the zippers never cooperating and almost breaking my fingers every time I had to snap it back in place because it fit SO tight, I decided that since I couldnt use it in the rain anyway I would use some of the parts from it to make a bikini top then just put my hard top back on when the time came (its on now) So if anyone wants to come and pick some of this crap up from my garage, feel free, ill even give you some of the scraps that are left over from me making it into a bikini, like all the side windows, hell ill even buy you a beer!

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