SOLD Kansas City, Missouri - 80 Series Front and Read Bumpers For Sale

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Sep 16, 2018
Kansas City, Missouri
Hello fellow mudders!

I am getting new Dissent front and rear bumpers for my 94, so my current ones need to go!

Front - Coastal Off Road High Clearance w/ custom cutouts

I welded this up a couple years ago as a welding project. It works and is strong, but not the prettiest up close.

Right now there is a Warn Vr 10-s mounted in it, with a diode dynamics 18” light bar, and SS3 sport fog lights. Willing to sell the whole set up.

I would say it needs painted/ powder coated.


DC Fabrication Swing Out -

No extra mounts/ accessories - powder coating is failing around the recovery points
Made to hold 37” spare wheel/tire

Recently re-built swing arm assembly

Not really sure how to price everything, but looking at the following:

Front number - no lights, no winch ~$700
Front bumper - w/ lights and winch ~$1600.00
Rear bumper - ~$750

All prices are best offer. Let me know if you have any questions!




@KennyG my brother is in Wichita seeing if could meet you for me and grab the rear. Will PM you
I’m not sure if this sale is totally complete. I would drive out from KY for everything if anything falls through.

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